Consumer and E-Cigarette Products PEGUS has worked with manufacturers of chemical specialty products intended for use by a broad spectrum of consumers to evaluate their actual and potential risk to public health. This typically involves novel research methods to answer key questions about product safety. One example of our work in this area was an assessment of insect-repellents containing the chemical DEET (the most common and arguably the most effective insect repellent). Using novel methods to find and survey users of the product and gather additional information about possible adverse events associated with the chemical, we determined that the risk of nervous system problems arising from its use was extremely small. A new business segment has been initiated due to modified risk tobacco products coming under FDA regulatory authority and review. PEGUS has experience in addressing FDA requirements and conducting needed studies to answer critical regulatory questions. The studies for these products appear likely to follow a consumer research program model similar to the one typically followed for a traditional OTC-switch NDA, including label comprehension, self-selection, and actual use. Our team of scientists and technical study staff can help with a wide range of unusual questions pertaining to consumer health.

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