How do PEGUS Research studies typically work?


PEGUS is contracted by pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials that contribute to switching prescription medications to over-the-counter status. We use pharmacies as enrollment sites and pharmacy staff to conduct our research.


Potential participants learn about a study through in-store advertising or community media ads that direct them to call a toll-free number where they are referred to a nearby participating pharmacy and scheduled for an interview. At the pharmacy, potential participants receive general information explaining the study. If the individual is interested, the pharmacist or study staff will enroll the participant. The pharmacist will then dispense the study drug according to the study guidelines to those who are eligible. The participant is then allowed to use the study drug as per package labeling.


A team of nurse interviewers housed at PEGUS Research then follows-up with participants at different intervals to inquire about patterns of use and adverse events. Within the study period the participant may also be able to return to the pharmacy to purchase additional study medication.


How much are pharmacists compensated?


Compensation is different for every study, but usually consists of an honorarium payment and a per-subject payment. The honorarium payment is for time spent attending the Investigators' Meeting, site visits, weekly monitoring interviews, and general correspondence, etc. The per-participant payment is for actual time spent with the participant, including record keeping, FedExing or faxing questionnaires, and resolving data queries, etc. Most of our study pharmacists report that the compensation falls closely in line with compensation they receive for various counseling services they provide.


How much time is involved?


If your pharmacy participates, you will be required to select at least one staff member to assist you with the study to ensure good coverage for the study during business hours. Capable, responsible, detail-oriented pharmacy technicians might be good candidates for this position.


For most studies, participant enrollment might take 40 minutes to 1 hour, but some of this is time that the participant spends reviewing materials on his or her own. If your pharmacy participates in a particular study, you and 1-2 members of your study staff would be trained in the enrollment process and study procedures at a 1-2 day central Investigator Meeting and also at a site initiation visit in your pharmacy shortly thereafter.


We realize that you and your staff are very busy in your pharmacy. We do our best to arrange training visits, monitoring phone calls, etc. around times that work for you and your staff.


What is required of a pharmacy that participates in a PEGUS study?


-Pharmacist to be lead researcher with a good standing license

-At least one study staff member

-At least a semi-private counseling area

-Cabinet or secure area to store study materials

-Curriculum Vita (resume) from each study staff member

-Copy of current license of each licensed study staff member


I'm Interested in joining the PEGUS Research Pharmacy Network


If you are a registered pharmacist or know a registered pharmacist who would like to be considered for participation in a future study please contact the Site Coordination department with any questions by clicking the button below:





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