Our Start

During the 1970s, David Bradford, PhD and Brent Page, PhD, began collaborating on product safety research with Joseph Veltri, PharmD, who, at the time, was a Professor in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Utah and Director of the Utah Poison Control Center. That collaboration, while successful, left many important public health questions unanswered. None of the research tools they were using allowed them to determine how consumers actually used, misused or abused products under actual use conditions.


In 1985, they began to design a research model to gather information about the safety of medicines in actual use. The result was a study design called the Population Safety Trial (PST). The concept held significant promise for future research in the pharmaceutical industry.  The three collaborators incorporated as PEGUS Research in 1989 and left the University of Utah to refine the design and begin conducting research.


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