PEGUS Research has significant experience in supporting OTC products, switch efforts, and other products in the EU. We bring our US experience and have learned to adapt it to conduct these studies in the EU.


We conducted the first Actual Use Trial for the successful OTC/GSL switch of a product in the UK, and, in early 2015, we completed a self-selection study in the UK and Sweden utilizing a network of pharmacy sites. This study is in support of an application for the switch of a current prescription product.


We also have experience in the conduct of label comprehension and Human Factors studies in the United Kingdom and Germany. These studies focused on determining if participants (and potential consumers) could comprehend the package information and then perform the steps as outlined in the package information.


In addition to the studies mentioned above, a poster regarding PEGUS Research's project in the United Kingdom was presented at the 17th International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE) held 23-26 August 2001 in Toronto. This poster was presented as number 216 on 24 August in the afternoon session. The title in the conference brochure was "Using Community Pharmacies To Evaluate the Safety of a Prescription Only Medicine (POM) in an OTC Environment: A Unique Study Method in Europe" by I A Gibb, K Miller, J C Veltri, B A Page, A Charlesworth, N Kellett (United Kingdom, United States).


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