PEGUS Research, Inc., offers a distinctive set of services to the pharmaceutical industry. We have 15 years of experience doing various kinds of observational studies, an area of research that is crucial to evaluating use and safety under real-world conditions. They include key opinion leader interviews, drug characterization studies, comprehensive label development research, and well-designed actual use trials for OTC switches or direct-to-OTC applications.  Click to explore the services we offer...


      Actual Use Trials

      Self Selection Trials

      RX to OTC Consultants

      Comprehensive Label Development

      Human Factors Research

      Key Opinion Leader Interviews

      Naturalistic Efficacy Trails

      Drug Characterization Studies

      Post Market Validation and Surveillance

      Our United Kingdom Switch Experience

      Additional Research Services

      Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Needs (REMS)

      Integrated Summaries of Safety (ISS)





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