Sterling IRB Features Pegus Research in Whitepaper Article Titled “PPC and Social Media Patient Recruitment: Strategies for Success”

By April 12, 2022 No Comments

The Sterling Institutional Review Board (IRB) featured PEGUS Research’s innovative and versatile marketing strategies in their latest Whitepaper article titled “PPC and Social Media Patient Recruitment: Strategies for Success.” Using these innovative marketing strategies, PEGUS and the study sponsor successfully met the challenging study enrollment goals requested by FDA for the “Free the Pill” actual use study. The campaign included over 40 different ad variants placed on 12 different advertising platforms (including both digital and physical advertising platforms). PEGUS and the sponsor monitored the ongoing success of each ad variant within each advertising platform over the course of the study and used the information to optimize the most effective set of platforms and ad variants.  PEGUS also devised innovative, integrated mechanisms to support the diverse requirements of each ad platform, including both fully online, self-administered screening and enrollment appointment scheduling as well as telephone-based screening and enrollment appointment scheduling. PEGUS continues to modernize their recruitment methods and expand their recruitment capabilities through the application of new technologies to help meet the challenging recruitment requirements of their research studies.