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PEGUS Research Embraces and Expands WFH Model

By June 14, 2022No Comments

On May 26, PEGUS Research CEO Clark Richardson announced features of the company’s enhanced work-from-home model.

Since the pandemic, PEGUS leadership has enthusiastically embraced the virtual work model by providing flexible work hours and adjusting company telecommuting policies. PEGUS’s WFH model includes a package of electronic equipment and a reimbursement program to improve employees’ work environments, increase productivity, and enhance their work experience.

“The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we collaborate and conduct our research,” said Clark Richardson, CEO of PEGUS Research. “Once PEGUS transitioned to a remote model, we realized we can successfully meet our clients’ needs with a high degree of responsiveness and continuing innovation, while simultaneously reducing cost, increasing efficiency, and promoting employee satisfaction.”

With a majority of employees working remotely, company leadership officially announced they are reducing the physical footprint of company headquarters to further invest in company culture, new technologies, and rapidly evolving research methods. PEGUS’s remote work model will continue to evolve to best meet the needs of its clients and employees.

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