RWE Study Conducted by PEGUS Research Published in Contraception

By June 14, 2022 No Comments

Results from a US Real-World Evidence (RWE) study conducted by PEGUS were recently published in Contraception, an international reproductive health journal and the official journal of the Society of Family Planning. PEGUS Research Senior Consultants Russ Bradford and Sarah Farnsworth were authors of the publication, alongside authors from the study sponsor, HRA Pharma. This prospective, observational study measured patient adherence to daily dosing and time of dose for progestin-only contraceptives prescribed by a healthcare provider. This research provides valuable information about patient adherence with dosing directions in a prescription environment, which is important context for any subsequent evaluation of consumer adherence for oral contraceptives in an over-the-counter environment.

We are pleased to have another example of prescription-to-over-the-counter switch research published in the literature and hope it can help contribute to the overall body of knowledge regarding best Rx-to-OTC research practices and critical consumer medication use behavior dynamics.

For additional information, please see the article here.