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PEGUS Research Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

All Travel Services

Independent contractors traveling on behalf of PEGUS must:

  1. Treat expenses as if they were their own and be prudent in their spending practices.
  2. At all times pay their own expenses. (PEGUS employees should not pay other’s expenses).
  3. Provide itemized receipts for all expenses over $10. Meal receipts must reflect actual items purchased.


Air Travel

  • Standard economy-class air travel is required for all flights (booking codes M, S, H, Q, K, L, U, T, X, V, or E).
  • Any other fare class must be approved in writing by a PEGUS Project Director (including booking codes Y, B, W, P, or A).
  • First Class Fares are prohibited; No exceptions allowed.
  • Independent contractor should select the lowest fare possible, granted it is a direct flight (or a reasonably direct route) and matches required travel schedule.
  • Independent contractor will be reimbursed 1 regular weight checked bag for domestic travel and up to 2 regular weight bags for international travel.
  • Charges for overweight baggage will NOT be reimbursed by PEGUS.

Ground Transportation

Trips to/from the airport should always utilize the most economical and flexible type of public transportation (taxi, train, rental car, hotel courtesy van, etc.).

Car Rentals

  • Independent contractors  should rent a car through their own travel agency or direct with a rental car company.
  • Independent contractors will be reimbursed for rentals up to the cost of Intermediate-Sized vehicle rentals.
  • PEGUS will reimburse Independent contractors for only the rental costs and fuel costs prior to car return (excluding insurance) if vehicle rental is necessary to perform services and part of the Statement of Work.
  • PEGUS will not indemnify Independent contractors for any accidents or losses sustained as a result of the vehicle rental.
  • Any traffic or parking fines incurred are not reimbursed.
  • Independent contractors will be reimbursed for tolls and parking necessary to perform their services.

Using Personal Car for Business Purposes

  • For local engagements, the use of a personal car is preferred, and is reimbursable at the current IRS business mileage reimbursement rate (
  • When privately owned automobiles are authorized or approved for transportation, distances between points traveled shall be as shown in standard highway mileage guides or actual miles driven as determined from odometer readings. (Actual odometer readings need not be shown on the invoice, but the Independent contractor should have a system or method for tracking this.) Any substantial deviations from distances shown in the standard highway mileage guides must be explained.
  • The mileage reimbursement rate covers all cost of vehicle operation including insurance, repairs, gasoline, maintenance, etc.
  • Independent contractor will be reimbursed for tolls and parking necessary to perform their services.
  • Mileage to/from airport is not reimbursable.

All other forms of ground transportation

  • Independent contractor should book taxi or train service, through their own travel agency or directly, and will be reimbursed if necessary to perform their services.

Expenses that will not be reimbursed by PEGUS

  • Charges for refueling through the rental car company
  • The travel expenses of a spouse or other person traveling
  • Private car service (including Uber Black)
  • Rental of GPS
  • Vehicle cleaning services (car washes, detailing, etc.)
  • Insurance purchased from rental agencies
  • Any traffic or parking fines



  • A detailed itemization of hotel expenses is required for reimbursement; this is generally provided when checking out.
  • Standard room should be booked, upgrade is fine if at no additional cost.

Expenses that will not be reimbursed by PEGUS

  • In-room movies, mini-bar charges, gym, spa or salon fees, reading material, gift shop charges, alcoholic beverages, dry cleaning, and non-PEGUS business related telephone charges are NOT reimbursable expenses, with the exception of water or meal expenses.
  • If hotel is within 45 miles of Independent contractor ‘s office or Independent contractor ‘s residence no lodging expenses will be reimbursed.



  • Meal reimbursement limits per day are not to exceed the U.S. General Services Administration ( Meals and Incidental Expense (“M&IE”) limits for city and state in which the Independent contractoris operating.
  • For individual meal expenses, the amount must be indicated on the documentation, along with a copy of the fully itemized receipt reflecting all items purchased.
  • Many hotel properties include breakfast as part of the rate.

Expenses that will not be reimbursed by PEGUS

  • No reimbursement will be provided for alcoholic beverages.
  • There will be no reimbursement for breakfast if the hotel property includes it in the rate.


Security – Duty of Care

  • Independent contractor is responsible for making arrangements for his/her own travel safety and security. PEGUS provides no Duty of Care services to any independent contractor .

Miscellaneous Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

  • All travel and expense receipts and invoices are required to be submitted PEGUS Research on or before the End Date listed in the Statement of Work
  • Expenses must be submitted in US dollars, using the current exchange rate as posted on (within 10 days of transaction). PEGUS will not convert expenses.
  • Expenses will only be reimbursed for authorized expenses that have actually and reasonably been incurred by Independent contractor in connection with any direct activity related to performing project-related services directly on behalf of PEGUS.
  • In submitting its invoices to PEGUS, the Independent contractor shall reflect the same cash discounts (shown in dollar amounts) as are granted to Interviewer by third parties.
  • PEGUS expects postage, messenger service, expedited mailings, and other such services to be at a minimum, and the charges from the Independent contractor to reflect the actual cost of any of these services without respect to internal overhead associated therewith. Correspondence that is faxed need not also be mailed, unless access to original documents is requested or required.
  • Tips for meals and miscellaneous tips, such as for hotel staff, are included within the per diem amount and are not separately reimbursable.


Expenses that will not be reimbursed by PEGUS

Expenses incurred in excess of the limits outlined above, including:

  • File reorganizations or reviews
  • General management expenses including time spent preparing or discussing billing or contracts
  • Administrative work, word processing, secretarial, librarian or clerical time, including overtime
  • Time (fees) and travel (expenses) to and from PEGUS offices
  • Office supplies
  • Personal Photocopying charges
  • Charges resulting from failure to cancel travel services (airfare, car, hotel, etc…)
  • Luggage, briefcases, laptop bags, etc.
  • Airline clubs
  • Sports activities
  • Gifts of any kind to anyone purchased on behalf of PEGUS including flowers/floral arrangements/gift
  • Baskets for any occasion including bereavement
  • Non-itemized cellular telephone or internet communications
  • Personal items that were lost or stolen while traveling on business
  • Any and all other expenses not listed within this document unless prior written approval is given by a PEGUS Project Director.
  • No meals in home city or airport upon return travel
  • No lodging, meals, or per diems for associated with travel time that has been voluntarily extended