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Are you a registered pharmacist interested in expanding your practice to encompass pharmacy-based clinical research? You can join the PEGUS Research Pharmacy Site Network.
PEGUS is contracted by pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials that contribute to the switch of prescription medications to over-the-counter status. We use pharmacies as enrollment sites and pharmacy staff to conduct our research.
Potential participants learn about a study through in-store advertising or community media ads that direct them to call a toll-free number where they are referred to a nearby participating pharmacy and scheduled for an interview. At the pharmacy, potential participants receive general information explaining the study. If the individual is interested, the pharmacist or study staff will enroll the participant. The pharmacist will then dispense the study drug according to the study guidelines to those who are eligible. The participant is then allowed to use the study drug as per package labeling.
A team of nurse interviewers housed at PEGUS Research then follows-up with participants at different intervals to inquire about patterns of use and adverse events. Within the study period, the participant may also be able to return to the pharmacy to purchase additional study medication.
More than 100 pharmacy sites around the continental US participate actively in PEGUS studies.  To see if you can take part, please provide your name and pharmacy information below.  Someone from our Site Coordination department will call you to provide more details.

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