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PMTA and MRTP Research

PEGUS has been helping clients navigate the evolving regulatory environment surrounding PMTA and MRTP research since 2016. Sponsor-developed programs in this category may ultimately create a net gain in public health and safety in potential users, as opposed to more conventional tobacco products. Take a moment to explore our services and learn how we can help with your needs.

Tobacco Product Perception and Intention (TPPI) Studies

PEGUS Research has a strong culture of developing and implementing innovative research study designs. Our experienced team can help you develop and design a study that achieves the scientific aims of your TPPI research. We have conducted a variety of TPPI studies to support both PMTA and MRTP applications, with objectives focused on consumer comprehension of product information and claims in labeling and advertising materials, the effect of label claims on perception of health risks, behavioral intentions and likely use behavior in various populations. We are experienced in designing and implementing studies that range from in-person, in-depth interviews to fully online surveys, from qualitative to quantitative methods, as well as studies that included random assignment and recruitment of vulnerable populations of interest. We would welcome the opportunity to explore your specific needs.

Human Factors Studies

PEGUS Research has experience in both formative and summative human factors studies for PMTA and MRTP programs. Depending on the scientific aims of your application, these studies can utilize placebo or mocked-up products, or include actual use of products in a simulated use setting. Our team can help you identify, design, and implement a study that meets the specific needs of your product as well as all applicable regulatory requirements.

Comprehension, Claims, Use, and Other Behavioral Studies

PEGUS’ 30-year history in FDA-regulated consumer behavior and label research provides a uniquely robust and cost-effective platform to support comprehension, claims, actual use, or real-world evidence studies required for PMTA and MRTP applications.

Full Service CRO

PEGUS is a full-service contract research organization with in-house scientific consultants and medical writers, as well as project management, data management, statistics, monitoring, and site and participant support departments. Ask us about a full capabilities presentation, or read more about our supporting research services here.

If you have questions about how PEGUS can assist with PMTA or MRTP research for your product, please click here or call us at 801-990-6126.

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